"5 Stars. I recommend this DVD to my beginner students."
- Amber (Bellydancegoddess.com)

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Workshop Descriptions:

The Dance Your Belly™ Basic workshop is intended for dancers of every level but is mostly welcoming dancers with less than 1 year of experience and especially first-timers.

No experience is needed, it is suitable for people in every age, shape or size. This workshop is to motivate and inspire women to find the most exciting way towards better health and self-confidence.

Also, this basic workshop is perfect for any seasoned dancer to repeat and define their basic technique, or especially useful for any dancer wanting to become a bellydance teacher. The included "Amira's Bellydance 101" DVD has it down to the detail of how to break moves down easily, simply and safely.

For questions email amira@amirasbelly.com

Seven Good Things You Can Expect From My Dance Your Belly!™ Basics Workshop

1. You will have fun & feel welcomed!

We bellydance to celebrate and be joyful. I remind my students to smile as often as I remind them about the benefits of great posture. There’s lot’s of laughter and lightening-up in my classes.

Bellydance is about YOUR self-expression. There is no comparison, no judgment, and no competition in my workshops. I value and respect everyone’s unique personality and encourage my students to put your own touch and expression into your dance. We’re all meant to look different and be beautiful in our own way.

2. You will feel great mentally, physically, and emotionally!

Learning the variety of rhythms and movements in bellydance is a fun way to stimulate mental activity and increase concentration and sharpness.

You’ll feel boosted with positive energy and endorphins as you discover your body and your self.

And, that positive feeling stays with you when you leave the classroom. When you feel good physically and emotionally, you feel good in general, in your life, and out in your world.

3. You Will Isolate and Move Distinct Parts of Your Body.

In ballet, you first learn to turn out your feet before you dance. In bellydance, you begin by learning to isolate your head, shoulders, chest, abs, and hips.

You’ll practice moving isolated body parts independently and develop a foundation for unlimited creativity in your dance.

4. You Will Learn What Correct Posture Is – And Why It’s Important.

Bellydance is a wonderful way to increase muscle strength, flexibility, and skeletal alignment – and all of that begins with posture.

I emphasize correct posture repeatedly in my classes to help my students develop good habits from the beginning of their bellydance practice.

Good posture protects your lower back, encourages you to keep your knees bent – which gives fluidity to your movement and allows your chest to move more, and increases your breathing capacity and circulation. All of which is good for you all the time, whether you’re dancing or not.

5. You Will Combine Movements and Practice a Choreographed Dance.

In the workshop, you’ll learn a series of combinations of the isolated movements we practice. This combination becomes your own unique dance as you add your self-expression and personality.

I’ve designed the workshop and my Bellydance 101 DVD (link to dvd page) to work in concert as you develop your dance. The combinations you learn in the workshop match those on the DVD, so your practice at home builds naturally on what you learn in the workshop.

6. You Will Enjoy a Great Workout In A Relaxed Atmosphere.

The workshop is a deliberately intense 2-hour session where you learn and practice a lot of movements. My intention is to teach you the basics while we have fun. Our practice is not goal-oriented but designed to combine physical and mental exercise with self-expression and joy.

7. You Will Get It – No Matter Your Age, Shape, Size, or Experience!

Bellydance is for everyone. My Dance Your Belly!™ Basics Workshops are ideal for first-time dancers, beginners, and experienced divas wanting to improve their technique.

Still Have Questions? So do other Students.
Here is a list of common questions about workshops from my students.

- What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes, gym clothes are just fine. Wear tighter pants so that the instructor can see your knees and posture. Baggy pants will cover too much.. Same deal with a skirt. Once you advance and are confident about proper posture you can wear anything you want. No shoes or sneakers please. We work barefoot or just in socks if your feet tend to be cold. Socks may be slippery though… Ballet slippers are fine. There are some great feet protection “shoes” available in the dance stores. Dance paws for example protect the balls of your feet from friction.

- What do I need to bring?
First and foremost bring your good spirit and sense of adventure.

If you have one, please bring a coin hipscarf, although any scarf is fine. The idea is to add some weight to the hips. Yes, EVEN IF YOUR HIPS ARE BIG TO BEGIN WITH.
Bring a bottle of water.
Bring some extra cash for possible purcahses – T-shirts, DVDs, hipscarves and more.
Bring a bottle of water.
And… of course, you can bring a friend or two…

- Am I in good enough shape for the workshop?
Yes, you are good to start no matter what level you are or no matter your shape. The class is non-competetive, with no comparisons. There will be no judging in the class by an instructor or other classmates. Anybody breaking this rule will be asked to leave the class.
If you have any limitations or injuries or if you are pregnant, please let the instructor know. Everybody is welcome, including men. (Read the testimonal below from Maharasha, one of my male students).

- How long does it last?
The Dance Your Belly!™ Basics workshop lasts for 2 hours. We take short water breaks.

- Will I sweat?
It depends… You will sweat if you put enough intensity into the moves.
You may not sweat but it doesn’t mean that you don’t work. Bellydance works magically like yoga, at first it seems like you are doing nothing but you’ll feel it the day after and in the long term, the benefits are rewarding.

- How many people are in the workshop?
The average class size is 30 people, so I’m able to give some personalized attention to the people in the class. Of course, if you want to hide in the back so I won’t single you out, that’s OK too.

- Anything Else?
Do not eat a big meal before the workshop, but don’t come with an empty stomach, either. You’ll need fuel to Dance Your Belly!™ with intensity. Drink plenty of water.

- I want you to be a raving fan !

Here is my unconditional guarantee to you.

I believe so strongly in the positive benefits of bellydance
that if you’re not delighted after participating in my
Dance Your Belly!™ Basics Workshop
I’ll either refund 100% of your registration fee
or allow you to attend the next workshop at no additional charge – your choice.

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If you have more questions, please feel free to email me at Workshops@amirasbelly.com

Here are a few photos from a recent workshop








Here are a few testimonials from some recent workshops

Dear Amira,
First of all let me thank you so much for all your hard work, your enthusiasm and a strong desire you possess to help ordinary women (like me) discover this mysterious and beautiful dance!
I am a beginner to a bellydance. Ever since I remember myself I always wanted to learn it, but never had a chance. Right now at the age 24, when I started taking bellydance classes, I surely had doubts about being able to "reproduce” all those moves. With you I learned that there's no prerequisites to start other than desire.
Besides that you are a beautiful dancer and a wonderful teacher, you have a great personality: u r a very warm and friendly person. During your workshop or classes you make everybody feel comfortable and confident about themselves. You are also very inspiring! I think so much more about myself now and the capabilities of my body.
I wish you good luck with your DVD and looking forward for new workshops!

- Zhanna

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your teaching workshop. I've been dabbling in belly dance for about a year, but still consider myself very much a beginner. Not only did I learn more in your class than some I have attended, but your sweet spirit and love for women and dance made all us beginners feel beautiful and graceful! I would not want to miss any opportunity to take a class from you in the future.
Also, my sister came for her very first class that day, and although you taught us so much in 2 hours, she said she didn't want the class to end! (Maybe we've hooked her!)
Please keep me on your email list, and I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world!

- Tracey McCullough

Dear Amira,
I wanted to let you know that I had so much fun at your workshop on Sunday.  I have practiced belly dance on my own for about 2 years but this was my first time taking a belly dance class. It was even more fun than I imagined! You are exactly how I imagine a belly dancer to be. Beautiful, poised, and very very very talented! You also have the perfect teaching style. I love that you are so friendly, approachable, and made everyone feel comfortable. It was obvious with all the smiling and laughing that everyone at the workshop was having a great time. You are an amazing teacher and a beautiful dancer. Thank you so much for such a great time! Do you currently teach anywhere around town or will you be conducting anymore workshops here in town? I would love to take more classes with you. Thanks again, I had a wonderful time! I hope to be able to take more classes with you in the future!

- Jennifer
PS: The DVD is awesome! I know I will use it often!

I would like to share some thoughts on the Middle Eastern Dance (the dance) with you.  In May of 2004, you first introduced the dance to me at the Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC).  I was a beginner, over fifty, and had been experiencing some low back pain after I competed in rodeo (barrel racing).

I loved the dance and the way you teach because you make sure everyone gets the basics.  I then began taking lessons from Yolanda, at the other LVAC and from Donna at UNLV for two semesters.  I have improved a little in the dance but the side effects have been extremely beneficial.  Since last year, with the dance, yoga, and one chiropractic visit, I now have no back pain.  Also, I believe the dance has taught me much about balance and grace.  It has improved my riding so that I was able to win the American West Nevada State Barrel Racing Championship for the senior class.  (The saddle is in my office.) I am currently the average winner in the Las Vegas Beauty and the Beast Series Rodeo.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful art with me.

- Lauren Dean
Director, Communication Services
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

...I gave my Mom your bellydance dvd a month before her birthday, so she can perform a routine for the family on her birthday. Her confidence and commitment to bellydance has skyrocketed already, and it has barely been a week. So I just wanted to thank you for being one of those teachers who proper posture and technique is important to while also teaching at a pace that is truly welcoming to all! You have given my mom the courage to step into the spotlight and be beautiful. THANK YOU!
Sincerely, Your Student,

- Damien, aka Maharasha

- After Las Vegas 05 Ren Fair’s drumming circle around the fire:

I wanted to let you know that watching you dance last night was one of
my highlights of the night!  It was wonderful to see your playful
spirit, skillful lyricism and grace.

Hope to dance with you sometime soon.

Best wishes,
- Deborah


- Learn, Laugh, & Loosen Up with me In a Live Workshop!

Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle? You might have watched other people riding. You may have listened to them tell you about balance and speed and trust. You probably even stood with the bike between your legs, holding the handlebars, imagining yourself riding without training wheels. Finally you got on the bike and tried to ride. At first maybe you fell. Maybe several times. Almost surely you were wobbly and uncertain and scared. Then, something magical happened.

Suddenly, you were riding, really riding – the wind in your hair, peddling with confidence and joy, all at once you KNEW how to ride a bike. You knew it in your whole being – and once you knew, once you had it, you’ve never lost it.

It’s as if your body knew what to do all along and you just had to trust yourself, let go, and allow it happen.

I can remember first learning to bellydance. It felt like riding a bike. I was nervous, afraid I’d do it wrong, not at all sure my body was even capable of doing what seemed easy and natural to other women.

I stood there with my teacher and watched her gracefully dip her hips, and slide her head above her shoulders, holding her arms naturally – it was beautiful. She patiently and gently guided me through the movements, adjusting my posture, reminding me to smile, assuring me I was doing great. Then, suddenly, just like riding a bike, I got it.

In one moment, I KNEW I could bellydance – I was ecstatic!

In that moment, I felt the joy of allowing my body to move naturally, in response to the rhythm of the music, to the rhythm of life, to the rhythm of MY LIFE.

In Bellydance, I found a safe and natural way to love my body and nurture my soul.

Now, years later, I still discover that joy everytime I dance. That’s why I teach Bellydance around the world - to share the discovery and joy of celebrating with your body and spirit through dance.

I invite you, to come share this discovery with me in a live Dance Your Belly!™ workshop!


I do hope you’ll attend one of my workshops soon. I know you’ll have fun, discover an exciting and new relationship with your body, and feel better emotionally, physically, and mentally! Remember, I guarantee you’ll be delighted!

Select from one of my upcoming workshops above and register now to begin Dancing Your Belly!